Here are some common questions I get about the issues and the movement. Read below and let’s see what we can agree on.

According to a recent Gallup poll, 61% of Americans say they would choose a 3rd party option if they had a viable option.

That’s over 6 of every 10 Americans and HALF of the Democrats and Republicans.

To put it bluntly, Americans are ready to be done with the two-party system. They just haven’t had a “viable option”...


I intend to give you one.

Interestingly, this has all been done before.

Back in 1850, there were 2 parties in America: the Democrats and the Whigs.

By 1860, there were 2 parties in America: the Democrats and the Republicans.

It took just one election and the Whigs were gone, having been wiped off the map because of their failure to stand up to the evils of slavery.

We’re in a similar situation to 1850. Two morally bankrupt parties control America while purposely fueling anger, distrust, and discord for the purpose of amassing power and wealth.

Together, they create division because division makes them rich.

And so instead of starting another new 3rd party, I intend to create America’s new FIRST party - a party that honors the principles that America was founded upon, namely: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Once America sees a viable new option, the parties wither under their own weight as people run away from them in droves to join a revolution that’s going to change the world.

First, it’s important to acknowledge that the current system is completely and totally rigged from top to bottom. The two-parties have a stranglehold on everything related to elections. They carve out voting districts, manipulate access to ballots, and completely restrict anyone outside of the system from participating in the debates.

In other words, they are corrupt.

They preach freedom while simultaneously restricting your choices to only 2 options. Seriously, how many times have you looked at your ballot and asked yourself, “Is this all there is?”

That’s because the 2-party leaders are perfectly happy with you having “freedom” and “choice” as long as you have the “freedom” to “choose” only them.

So how do you counter the kind of corruption that runs as deep as this system?

Simple, you create a movement that’s so powerful that they can’t ignore you, stop you, or censure you.

Twenty years ago, this would have been impossible. That’s when the mainstream media completely controlled the narrative and the only way to buy air time was to be a billionaire (like Ross Perot).

Today, the internet has completely democratized the discussion. Anyone can have access to the nation’s ears at any time and share a message that can spread across the world in seconds.

So my plan is to dominate the online discussion along with a (very fun) grassroots movement to completely change the face of American politics forever.

Welcome to the 2nd American Revolution.

Our current set of corrupt elected leaders make laws based on 4 criteria:

  1. What will get them elected?
  2. What will get them money?
  3. What will get their party elected?
  4. What will get their party money?

There was a time in America when all of this happened in the dark. But today, our political leaders speak publicly and openly about how they can’t vote for certain legislation because it will hurt them at the ballot box or drive away key donors.

There is a phrase to describe this: Institutional Corruption.

I think it’s high time we changed all of that.

Instead of the 4 Priorities listed above, I propose a new set of 4 Promises as a new lens on leading. It’s a set of values by which all future leaders must promise to adhere to.

The 4 Promises are...

“As a leader in America, I promise to lead based on the following criteria in order of importance…

  1. I Promise to lead based on what is moral, right, and just. I will never vote against my own conscience for any reason.
  2. I Promise to lead based on what is best for America.
  3. I Promise to lead based on what is best for my state or district.
  4. I Promise to lead based on what is best for the world.”

See how simple it can be to get rid of corruption? Four simple promises in order of importance with no reference to getting more votes or more money.

Now think about this for a minute. What would it be like to have Congress filled with lawmakers who you knew had your best interest at heart? What would it be like to have your elected leaders were actually thinking about you first, instead of padding their wallets?

  • You would keep more of your hard earned money.
  • You would have more freedom to share your opinion (and be heard).
  • You would have less fear that your job was going to get shipped overseas.
  • And you would have more life, liberty, and happiness.

This is the most important thing I can pledge to you: EVERYTHING about my 2 terms as President will be centered around The 4 Promises...which is good because it means everything I do will be for you.

That’s because you are important.

Welcome to America’s New 1st Party.

America hasn’t  seen a viable 3rd party for 4 main reasons: ballot access, debate access, money, and belief.

Ballot Access

Because of the corrupt nature of the 2 party system, it is nearly impossible to get on the ballot as a national candidate (i.e. President) in all 50 states.

Debate Access

Because the debate commission is established and sponsored by the 2 parties, they make it their job to keep out any challengers, thus extremely limiting your ability to hear from other candidates. Technically, any candidate polling above 15% in 5 national polls is supposed to be allowed to debate. But remember, the system own the polls too.


In the 2016 election, the Republican and Democratic candidates raised a combined $1.8 BILLION dollars. That’s billion with a B.

The next person in line, Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson, raised $13 million.

That’s a long way down to 3rd place.


Now, here is where you come in. The 2-party control over ballot access, debate access, and money can be reversed with one thing: YOU believing this is possible. For the past 150 years, the American public never really believed a 3rd party candidate had a shot. So instead of “wasting a vote” they went with their second choice: a Republican or Democrat.

That’s all about to change.

With a little courage, you can join the 10s of millions of people in November 2024 who are going to vote for someone who will finally break the 2 party system.

All it’s going to take is for you to have the courage to support someone different. Once that happens, national ballots open up, debates become accessible, and money comes in.

The only thing the 2-party leaders want more than control is not to be exposed for their corruption. That’s why once we create a national movement, they’ll be forced to allow us access to avoid the alternative which is exposure.

Together we can do this.

I have 4 core goals for the 2024 Presidential Election...

  1. To be on the ballot in all 50 states.
  2. To be on the stage for all 3 Presidential debates.
  3. To raise over $100 million dollars.
  4. To win...decisively and to break the power of the 2-party system.

To do that, I need you.

First, I need you to believe.

Second, I need you to register AND vote.

Last, I need you to spread the word. Just tell a few friends that you support me and why.

When you do that, together we’ll create a movement that will change the world.

The issues are important.

So please don’t misinterpret me when I tell you that they are all secondary to breaking the power of corruption and completely dismantling the 2 party system.

Let me ask you a blunt question. How’s it going with your biggest issue? If you’re like me, not good. There is a reason for that. Whether your main issue is tax reform, national debt, justice reform, abortion, military, gun control, or something else, the system has been purposely designed so you never see a final, lasting solution to your issue.

Seriously, how long have you has your issue gone un-changed? Sure, from time to time, you’ll see some small piece of legislation that your elected official’s call a win. But 2 years later, that legislation reverses course when the other party is at the helm.

There is a reason it works that way: they want you to yearn for things to change...while simultaneously never giving you the kind of lasting change you want.

They make more money by never solving your issues.

That’s because without “the issues” you’d vote based on character...which is the last thing they want. So they dangle a bunch of promises in front of you, with no plan to deliver on those promised in a full, final, and lasting way.

It’s called corruption. And that’s the reason that according to a poll conducted by Gallup, only 10% of America trusts it’s national leaders.

So yes, the issues are important. But not near as important as completely overhauling the government and finally getting rid of every bit of institutional corruption. That has to be step #1.

Once that happens, bring on the issues and we’ll solve them in quick order.

As to where I stand on your particular issue, you should know that I believe in the tenants upon which our country was founded: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. You can go ahead and assume that any issue that violates those three, I will vote against.

In other words, I trust you to make good decisions for yourself and for your family. And I’d like to see the government stop getting in your way, either through excess regulation or excess taxation.

So, are you ready to start a revolution?

My main priorities are:

  • Reform government, eliminate institutional corruption, and help elect leaders who will Pledge under oath to uphold the 4 Promises
  • Get America solvent, out of debt, and able to pay our bills again...which won’t even be hard, especially after we kick the corrupt special interests out of Washington.
  • Complete overhaul of the criminal justice system. The United States has incarcerated more people than Russia, China, and North Korea combined. It’s a product of corrupt lawmakers promising to be “tough on crime” so they can get a vote at the expense of innocent citizens.
  • Taking care of the environment using smart innovation and entrepreneurial solutions (instead of cumbersome laws and expensive agencies).
  • A strong national defense (not offense) which includes robust national cyber protection and smart borders.
  • Complete overhaul of our out-of-date, corrupt health care system. You spend way more for less while insurance companies make more (way more) than ever. That’s because insurance companies give millions a year to political parties. And, in turn, they get what they want: your money. I have a plan to completely revolutionize the entire system with innovation and (real) free market opportunity.

The problem with our current leaders is they don’t think big enough.

Every good business owner knows there are 4 categories when it comes to money: income, expenses, assets, liabilities.

The national debt is over $20 trillion dollars and we add to it every day.

We also spend more (way more) than we take in.

Contrary to the corrupt lawmakers who say that they need more (way more) of your money, the first step to national solvency as a nation is to spend less than we receive. This is literally the 1st (and most basic) money principle and for some reason our leaders in Washington have blown it on this one year after year.

The 2nd money principle is that you use assets to pay off debt.

The US federal government owns 28% of all the land in America. 2.27 Billion acres. That’s a lot of land! And, other than the national parks, they’re not doing much with it.

In other words, we own far more than we owe. To solve our debt crisis, all we have to do is sell some land back to the states or to citizens who in turn, will take better care of it than the federal government was doing anyway. Sounds almost too good to be true right?

The only reason we haven’t done this is private, special interests have a stranglehold on your elected officials. Which is why government reform has to be priority #1.

But together we are going to change all that, right?

So glad you asked! Here are a few ideas on how you can join me in taking back Washington.

Spread the word.

This movement will dominate America if everyone who caught the vision shared it with just a few people. Use social media. Post a few links. And ask your friends to check out what we are doing.

Pitch In.

To truly launch a movement and demolish the 2-party system, we’re going to need money.

We don’t have any big donors or special interests behind us. In fact, we scare them...a lot.

So we’re going to need regular people like you and me to pitch in and help a bit.

Would you consider a simple, recurring monthly donation?

Click here to jump on board.

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I’d love to keep you updated and send you some insider info from time to time. So, head below and fill in your name and email so we can keep in touch. I’ll only contact you when it’s important...and I’ll keep your info private.



I’d love to keep you updated and send you some insider info from time to time. So, head below and fill in your name and email so we can keep in touch. I’ll only contact you when it’s important...and I’ll keep your info private.



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